We are all obsessed with the fineness and texture of Korean skin and want ours to look and feel that smooth and plump. Popularly know as glass skin, their skin has smaller pores, smooth texture and the glassy, yet non-oily, glow. Your solution to get skin that is supple and healthy is: Ceramide.

To understand why ceramides are good for your skin, you need to know what ceramides are and how they benefit the skin. 

What is Ceramide?

Ceramides are groups of fatty acids that are also known as lipids. They are naturally found in skin cells and make up about 50% of the outer layer of the skin. As a primary component that forms the skin's barrier, ceramides protect your skin from invisible pollution particles and locks in the moisture of your skin. It also helps to repair dry patches, treats psoriasis and naturally repairs skin damage. 

Why Do You Need to Boost the Ceramide Levels of Your Skin?

Although human skin is naturally made up of ceramides, the amount of these fatty acids can decrease with time. This can result in dull, dry skin and cause irritation. Ceramide deficiency in your skin can make you look dehydrated and cause other more serious skin problems, such as, eczema. This problem has a potent and easy solution. To make up for the lack, you can provide the necessary ceramide externally. 

If your skin does not respond well to just moisturisers and you still have dry and flaky skin even after lathering on moisturising creams multiple times a day, it is time to give your skin an extra boost with ceramides. 

Other than ageing, the decrease in ceramide levels has also been noticed during seasonal changes, especially in autumn and winter due to the dry and cold air.
It can also be traced to over-usage of soaps or exfoliants that strip off the oil from your skin and affect the pH balance. Harsh detergents and sanitizers also have the same effect. If you do not include enough fresh vegetables and good oils in your diet, it can also affect the ceramide levels of your skin. 

What are the Benefits of Ceramides?

These skin-transforming components are the solution to rapidly illuminate your otherwise dull and dry skin. 

1. Moisture locking: It locks in the moisture of your skin to maintain the oil and pH balance. As the body's natural moisturiser, these vital components maintain the oil balance of the skin and keep it glowing and soft to touch.

2. Strengthening Skin Barrier: It prevents trans-epidermal water loss and helps to form a protective barrier against the harmful elements of the environment. Ceramides help to keep your skin nourished and hydrated as they form the barrier against the harmful environmental factors. It helps to improve the function of skin barrier by strengthening it with replenished ceramides.

3. Reducing Acne and Scars: It reduces acne and inflammation by providing a soothing effect to the skin. The moisturised skin cells help to prevent breakouts and heal acne scars.

4. Preventing Pre-mature Signs of Ageing: It tightens your skin and prevents sagging. It rejuvenates skin to reduce the appearance of premature ageing. 

How to Restore the Ceramide Levels of Your Skin?

You can replenish the ceramide levels of your skin and help repair it with skincare products that are enriched with ceramide. You can lock in the moisture by using any moisturiser or serum with adequate amount of ceramide in it to get hydrated and smoother skin. 

As ceramide is a natural part of our skin, it is suitable for every skin type and it is especially compatible with sensitive and acne-prone skin. To optimise the effectiveness of ceramide, you can use it alongside retinol. A combination of antioxidants and peptides is also recommended for maximising the goodness of the ceramides.

Ceramic Skin, Collage Peptide Overnight Mask

Auli's Ceramic Skin is made with the goodness of ceramide complex and peptides. It is formulated with the intention of  boosting collagen production of your skin and give you that glass skin texture. The aqua gel based serum gets absorbed in your skin faster and functions at a cellular level to restore the lost moisture and gives your skin the supple look. This 3-in-one repair serum works overnight on your skin and leaves you with supple soft skin. It improves the texture of your skin with the help of Hyaluronic Acid and makes your skin appear glowing and youthful. 


Ceramic Skin combines Ceramide 3, Collagen Peptide derived from plants and Hyaluronic Acid to give your skin the best possible repair treatment. Sea Buckthorn, Ginseng, Quinoa and Carrot Root Extracts are also added with the essential ingredients, Turmeric and Aloe Vera.


1. Cellular Level Repair: The Ceramide Complex present in the elixir repairs your collagen levels and provide overnight damage repair for your skin. It reconstructs the protective skin barrier by restoring the ceramides to your skin as well. 

2. Prevents Signs of Ageing: The plant derived Collagen Peptides boost your skin to prevent signs of premature ageing, such as, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging

skin. Ginseng also has acute anti-ageing properties that help to firm and tighten your look. 

3. Hydrates and Moisturises: Hyaluronic Acid present in the mask penetrates the layers of your skin to work at a cellular level. It gives you a hydration boost that leaves your skin looking healthy and glowing.

4. Brightens Skin Tone: Ginseng and Carrot Root extracts, along with Turmeric brightens your skin tone by treating spots and patches.

Nourishes: Quinoa extracts present in the product provides nourishment to the skin and keeps it moisturised.

5. Treats Tanned Skin and Acne: Turmeric with its anti-fungal properties treats fungal acne. The anti-microbial properties of the ingredient helps prevent and reduce allergies. It also heals wounds and repairs scars. 

Application Process:

You can take 3 to 4 drops of the product onto your fingertips and message it onto your face and neck after cleansing and toning your skin at night. You can apply it in an outward motion to ensure even distribution of the product throughout your skin and to tighten it. Apply moisturiser after Ceramic Skin to complete your night time skincare routine. 

Include this ceramide treatment into your skincare regime today and begin your journey towards getting that glass skin texture.

Brand Story
Auli is dedicated towards providing natural solutions for skin concerns that are effective and affordable. Team Auli is passionate about revolutionising skincare and simplifying the jargons. Auli products are potent skincare solutions that work efficienctly to help people achieve healthy and naturally glowing skin while treating specific skin concerns. Enriched with Active Ingredients, the focus of Auli has always been on bringing stable products and skincare awareness to its tribe. Auli is simply a complete lifestyle upgrade experience that brings together the best of both worlds, Modern Science and Ayurveda.

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