Bakuchi Oil is famous as the natural alternative for the chemical, Retinol. It does wonders for your skin by making it healthier and glowing with all the benefits of Retinol packed into it. It treats wrinkles, pigmentation and breakouts efficiently without irritating your skin. In short, Bakuchiol provides your skin with the efficient treatment of Retinol without any of its side effects. 

Ayurvedic Use and Origin:

Bakuchiol comes from the babchi plants which are mostly found in India and Sri Lanka. It has been popularly used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine throughout the ages.

Bakuchiol is actually the isolated compound from babchi seeds and leaves which is then purified for commercial use. 


The natural ingredient has numerous benefits, specially in terms of slowing down visible ageing effects in your appearance. 

1. Slows down Ageing Effects: Studies have found that the Bakuchiol and Retinol have similar properties that boost collagen production. It improves the skin texture by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It helps with increasing the elasticity of your skin and making it firm. It treats sun damage on your skin as well. 

2. Antioxidant qualities: The natural fats present in our skin can cause the production rate of collagens to decrease. They lead to swelling and cell death as they become oxidized. Bakuchiol prevents this process and treats your skin to make it glowing and healthy. 

3. Reduces Pigmentation: The oil increases melanin production. It can lighten the dark spots on your skin and reduce the pigmentation significantly so that you can actually see the difference. This ingredient is used to treat vitiligo and psoriasis. It is suitable for all types of skin. 

4. Reduces Acne: The ingredient purges your skin of impurities which otherwise give way to acne. Bakuchiol is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. These properties combine the goodness of nature in it and rid your skin of the bacteria that cause the swelling. It reduces the pace of the oxidation of sebum present in your skin cells and prevent further acne from appearing. 

5. Natural Alternative of Retinol: Research has proven that there is no significant difference between the efficiency of either product. Bakuchiol, a natural alternative, can be used effectively as an alternative of Retinol. If you are using Bakuchiol directly you should keep in mind that applying it twice a day amounts to applying Retinol once a day. 

6. Irritation free skincare: Unlike Retinol, this ingredient has no side effects such as stinging or dryness of skin. Being an all natural ingredient, Bakuchiol is suitable for all types.

7. Safe Usage Around the Clock: Whereas Retinol makes your skin prone to sun damage if worn in the daytime, Bakuchiol is stable in the UV light and is safe for your skin even during the daytime. You can couple it with sunscreen as well. 

8. Strengthens Hair: This ingredient helps strengthen your hair follicles and gives them an unparalleled lustre. It can be used as a hair tonic as well. It treats hair loss and severe cases of alopecia. It also helps to retain your natural hair colour and gives it a smooth and shiny look.

9. Purifies Blood: Bakuchi in itself is a blood purifier. It helps to detox your blood by getting rid of the impurities from your body. It boosts your immunity which helps to prevent various diseases and provides protection from common cold and allergies. 

10. Improves Blood Circulation: As an essential oil, Bakuchi oil improves blood circulation which helps with body strength, vitality and heart functions. It also aids digestion and helps improve anorexic conditions. 

Soreliya, Bakuchiol Pearl Face Oil

Auli's Bakuchi Oil blend, Soreliya, is the natural solution for dryness, dullness and premature ageing for your skin. By boosting the production of collagen, the product provides you complete repairing your skin from a cellular level by giving it the naturally heathy glow. The gel based product is suitable for quick absorption and produces significant improvements through regular usage. 


Made with Bakuchi Extracts, the product combines the goodness of Turmeric and Aloe Vera Extracts in it as well to give your skin the best possible, hassle-free treatment.



Auli's Soreliya is enriched with the goodness of the Bakuchi extract and it embodies all the benefits of this active ingredient.

Non-greasy- The gel based face oil is everything a face oil ought to be without the greasiness of it. This popular ingredient of the Ayurveda helps to restore the oil balance in your skin by hydrating it. 

Repairs Premature Ageing Effects- Fine lines and wrinkles are often a sign of dry skin. By providing the adequate nourishment for your skin, this product keeps these signs of premature ageing at bay. The product is extremely helpful for slowing down the appearance of ageing on your skin and giving you a naturally plump texture without the hassle of any chemically produced product. It boosts the collagen production of the skin to provide deep nourishment. 

Fights Dryness- By making the skin healthy and hydrated, this product helps to reduce concerns over sensitive areas on your skin. It even prevents acne by maintaining the hydration and nutrient levels in your skin. It even repairs the damage caused by the sun and treats those spots and patches with wholesome results. 

Smoothens Texture and Even Tones- The healthy skin that this product helps you achieve is more even toned and of smoother texture. You can see visible difference in results as the fine lines and wrinkles disappear, leaving you with a natural and healthy looking skin. 

Application Process:

Suitable for all skin types, this product is required in very small quantity even for effectively battling all your skin problems. You can take 3 to 4 drops of the product on your fingertips and message it into your skin. Apply it on your face neck for uniform and visible improvements. You can apply the product at night after you have used a toner on your skin. Message it into your skin in an outward motion and apply moisturiser to follow it up.

Brand Story
Auli is dedicated towards providing natural solutions for skin concerns that are effective and affordable. Team Auli is passionate about revolutionising skincare and simplifying the jargons. Auli products are potent skincare solutions that work efficienctly to help people achieve healthy and naturally glowing skin while treating specific skin concerns. Enriched with Active Ingredients, the focus of Auli has always been on bringing stable products and skincare awareness to its tribe. Auli is simply a complete lifestyle upgrade experience that brings together the best of both worlds, Modern Science and Ayurveda.

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