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INGREDIENTS: 24K Gold Flakes+ Pure Rosehip Oil+ Coconut Oil+ Almond Oil


OMG, is this for real? YES!

A product so dreamy, yet so real.

AULI’s very own 24K Gold serum; has been especially designed to make all your skin care dreams come true!

Why Gold?

Gold has numerous benefits for your skin.

It has strong anti-aging and anti-pigmentation properties, which makes your skin look younger, brighter and toned. It’s known to stimulate the skin cells, which increases blood circulation and the metabolism of skin cells; resulting in healthier skin. Gold also enhances your complexion, keeps your skin glowing and beautiful.

Collagen is naturally produced in our body. It is responsible for giving you a smooth skin. The collagen level in the body starts depleting from the age of 25, and this is when you notice the changes on your skin. This Gold elixir slows down the depletion of collagen level and keeps your skin smooth and glowing; for longer period of time. 

Tanning produces melanin and black pigment in the skin. This mainly occurs due to the exposure to sunlight. Gold reduces the production of melanin, and treats sun damage.

The antioxidant properties of Gold also actively treats allergies, acne, acne scars, breakouts and inflammation of skin.

Last, but not the least, Gold increases the elasticity of your skin which makes it firm and keeps it toned.

All these and so much more; this precious product has everything you need for a flawless glass like skin.

Say hello to TRANSFORMED and TONED skin with OMG!

DIRECTION OF USE: Use once daily! You can apply it by itself, or also mixed it with your moisturiser.




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