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The popular misconception regarding summer and sunscreen is that you only have to wear sunscreen in the summer months, that too, only when you are directly exposed to the sun. In reality, not wearing sunscreen even when you are home all round the year causes most of the skin problems that you suffer from.


The Harmful Effects of UVA and UVB:

The harmful UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the outer layers of the skin to cause inflammation, sunburn and even cellular damage. When you wear sunscreen, it forms a barrier between your skin and the external harmful environmental elements and works as a filter to protect your skin from damaging effects of the sun.

From premature signs of ageing to pigmentation, fine line, breaking down of collagen, patchy skin, Ultraviolet rays usually cause the maximum damage to your skin. The UVA and UVB rays are the primary causes of almost 80% of all the skin problems that you face. While UVB rays can only penetrate the first layer of your skin which is the skin barrier, epidermis; UVA rays can actually penetrate deep into your dermis.

UVB rays cause tanning whereas, UVA rays reaches the second layer of skin where your live cells are. 90% of the sun rays are UVA rays that speed up the ageing process of your skin. Dermis has blood capillaries, melanin, nerve endings, collagen, elastin and other crucial elements, so it is important to protect this layer of the skin. Any harm caused to this layer can speed up the appearance of the signs of ageing; it can slow down the healing and regeneration of skin cells and make your skin look dull and dehydrated.

Broad-spectrum sunscreens protect you from both the UV rays. SPF 30+ protects your skin from 96% of the UV rays by blocking them for 2 to 3 hours if you are not sweating. Titanium Dioxide is the ingredient that reflects and absorbs sun rays, thus making it a crucial element of any sunscreen.

Types of Sunscreens:


There are various types of sunscreens that reflect the UV rays to protect your skin from carcinogenic effects. To prevent pre-mature ageing, wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, redness, rashes, hyper-pigmentation and many other skin concerns, knowing which sunscreen is suitable for your skin is crucial.

  • Once a Day Sunscreens:

These sunscreens are perfect for your beach days when you are going to be exposed to the damaging rays of the sun for a prolonged period. These sunscreens are usually one application a day solutions and they often come in formulations that are water-resistant.

As a result of being once a day application sunscreen, this type of cream can clog your pores to give your skin a heavy layer of protection. It can result in acne, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and other skin problems. You should try not to use this type of sunscreen if you are not exposed to direct sun rays all day.

  • Water Resistant Sunscreens:

These sunscreens are specially made to protect your skin even when you're in the water. Most importantly, they do not wash off easily, so you would be completely protected from the sun rays even if you play around in the pool or at the beach.

These water resistant sunscreens would not protect your skin all day as you dry your skin with a towel after coming out of the water. The product can leave your skin exposed once you have wiped it with a towel. To avoid risks, you can reapply these products every time you step out of the water and dry your skin.


  • Anti-Ageing Sunscreens:

    Though any sunscreen protects your skin from the damages of the sun and slows down the signs of ageing, the anti-ageing sunscreen solutions are more targeted towards protecting your skin from the appearance of pre-mature ageing. These products contain additional anti-ageing properties to keep your skin properly hydrated and smooth so that wrinkles and fine lines can be kept at bay.

    As these products have multi-faceted benefits of slowing down ageing while also protecting the skin from the damaging rays of the sun, the ingredients used in it can be complex for anyone to understand. The proper way to ensure that you are not putting anything harmful on your skin is to check the full ingredients' list carefully.


    • Gel Sunscreens:

    Gel Sunscreens are best for oily skin. In humid air and too hot weather, gel sunscreens can provide a cooling sensation and control sweat and oil. The light-weight texture of these products actually gets absorbed into the skin easily and gives your skin protection at a cellular level.

    These products do not make your skin look oily or greasy. They control sweat and acne. These sunscreens do not leave behind any sheen on your skin or make it look dark. You must reapply these sunscreens every 3 hours to ensure proper coverage.


    • Cream Sunscreens:

    The cream sunscreens are the most common and stabilised. They are moisturizing for the skin. Though they get easily absorbed into the skin, the residual feeling is that of using a moisturizer. These products are suitable for dry to sensitive skin.

    The cream-textured oily sunscreens can be a bother to use in the humid summer weather. The oiliness of the product can make you sweat more than usual. The heavy creamy formula can clog your pores and give way to acne problems. For these reasons, choosing the right texture for your cream sunscreen can become a challenge.



    However, it is imperative to wear some kind of sun protection while being exposed to the sun for longer hours. You cannot leave off sunscreen from your AM routine even when you are staying inside all day. The harmful UV rays can affect your skin even when you are not directly exposed to the sun.


    Damn, Sun! is a formulation that has been specially created as a weapon against the sun. It acts as a shield against the harmful UVA and UVB rays which penetrate and damage the skin tissues whenever there is sun exposure.

    It not only protects your skin from sunburn but also simultaneously reduces the appearance of sun damage, discolorations, and dark spots. It also prevents sagging, leathery skin, and wrinkles. It acts as a blue light filter against the glare of your electronic devices and prevents the digital screen-time damage on your skin. This product also helps to maintain the overall tone and health of your skin.



    Damn, Sun! is formulated with Titanium Dioxide, Calendula, Himalayan Cherry, Aloe Vera Extract and Sesame Oil.


    • Titanium dioxide provides sun protection and prevents sun damage.
    • Sesame oil is a blue-light filter for skin.
    • Himalayan Cherry rich in Vitamin C has skin brightening properties.
    • Aloe Vera minimizes tanning & prevents acne.
    • Calendula soothes and provides nourishment to the skin.
    • The stabilised mixture of the important ingredients in the sunscreen actually restores your skin’s glow and health. It prevents signs of pre-mature ageing.
    • The light-textured formula is perfect for fast absorption and cellular repair.


    Dot your face and neck with the product after cleansing, toning and putting on your make-up. Gently massage it in an outward direction. Apply evenly onto your skin before stepping out in the sun. Reapply every 2-3 hours for maximum protection. Continued usage will show you visible improvement on the skin.


    Keep your skin hydrated and protected from the scorching heat with this body milk. To avoid rough, parched, and dry skin, apply Ultra Nourish directly after showering, shaving, and exfoliating. Enriched with minerals, this body milk with SPF 30++ helps to reduce moisture loss by locking it in and keeps your skin nourished. Ultra Nourish helps to prevent sun damage and minimizes tan lines on your body and give you a smooth texture and even tone.


    Ultra Nourish is made of Titanium Dioxide, Almond Milk, Coconut Oil, Calamine, Aloe Vera and Herbal Extracts.


    • Titanium dioxide provides sun protection and prevents skin damage.
    • Aloe Vera prevents water loss from the skin surface by locking in moisture.
    • Coconut Oil reduces uneven skin tone and tan lines.
    • Almond Milk is brightening and hydrating.
    • Calamine is soothing to the skin and prevents rashes.


    Apply everyday evenly all over your body and massage in a gentle circular motion after showering. 

    Brand Story
    Auli is dedicated towards providing natural solutions for skin concerns that are effective and affordable. Team Auli is passionate about revolutionising skincare and simplifying the jargons. Auli products are potent skincare solutions that work efficienctly to help people achieve healthy and naturally glowing skin while treating specific skin concerns. Enriched with Active Ingredients, the focus of Auli has always been on bringing stable products and skincare awareness to its tribe. Auli is simply a complete lifestyle upgrade experience that brings together the best of both worlds, Modern Science and Ayurveda.

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