Brand New Skin Duo
Brand New Skin Duo

Brand New Skin Duo

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Using a gel followed by a night cream delivers a powerful duo for your skincare routine. Niacinamide helps regulate sebum, minimize pores, and improve skin texture, while night cream deeply hydrates, nourishes, and promotes skin repair, leaving you with a smoother, clearer, and more radiant complexion by morning.Thus, this gel + night cream duo is a must-have!

MAGIC POTION GOLD: Unveil the opulence of 24k gold flakes harmoniously blended with natural ingredients, bestowing you with clear, radiant skin. Magic Potion Gold caters to those seeking improved texture and appearance, addressing diverse skin concerns. Embrace a luminous glow with Magic Potion Gold and radiate with confidence!

PLUMPKIN NIGHT CREAM: Discover your ultimate anti-aging companion for nighttime skincare. Crafted with potent ingredients, this luxurious cream rejuvenates and replenishes your skin during sleep, working its magic as it penetrates deeply for a truly transformative experience. Embrace the power of Plumpkin Night Cream and wake up to radiant, youthful skin.


It regulates sebum and minimizes pores.
Night cream deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.
Niacinamide improves skin texture and appearance.
Night cream promotes skin repair during sleep.
Combined use results in clearer, smoother, and more radiant skin.

Direction of use:

Apply Magic Potion Gold, on your face and neck, as part of your AM or PM skincare after using a toner and then following it up with moisturiser and sunscreen.

Massage Plumpkin Night Cream onto your face and neck, at night before bed, after applying cleanser and then follow it up with a moisturiser.


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Brand New Skin Duo

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Brand New Skin Duo