Skin Quenching Duo
Skin Quenching Duo

Skin Quenching Duo

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Using toner followed by a hydrator maximizes the absorption of the hydrating ingredients, ensuring deeper moisturization and nourishment for the skin. The toner balances the skin's pH and preps it for optimal hydration, resulting in a plump, radiant, and well-hydrated complexion.Thus, this toner + hydrator duo is a must-have!

DAZZLE: The ideal complement to your skincare regimen, delivering a radiant and glowing complexion. Enriched with captivating tuberose extracts and refreshing rose water, our toner and face mist not only hydrate and refresh your skin but also double as a long-lasting makeup setting spray, ensuring your look stays flawless throughout the day.

MAGIC POTION: Experience the transformative power of this gel that clears, revitalizes, and brings radiance to your skin. It reduces redness, irritation, acne, and open pores while fading dark spots and pigmentation, leaving your skin soothed, hydrated, and glowing with health.


Refreshes and balances the skin's pH.
Enhances the absorption of hydrator for deeper moisturization.
Tuberose's enchanting fragrance provides a delightful sensory experience.
Hydrator nourishes and plumps the skin with long-lasting hydration.
Combined use leaves the skin radiant, supple, and revitalized.

Direction of use:

Apply Dazzle, after gently cleansing your face. This toner leaves your skin feeling refreshed after every use.

Apply Magic Potion, as part of your AM or PM skincare after using a toner and then following it up with moisturiser and sunscreen.


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Skin Quenching Duo

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Skin Quenching Duo