Auli Repair Face Pack - 100GM
Auli Repair Face Pack - 100GM
Auli Repair Face Pack - 100GM
Auli Repair Face Pack - 100GM
Auli Repair Face Pack - 100GM
Auli Repair Face Pack - 100GM

Auli Repair Face Pack - 100GM

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This mud mask is a genius and comes with multiple benefits. Regular usage of this product, and by that we mean, only up to 2 times a week, will help remove impurities from the skin by unclogging pores and absorbing excess oil. It actively repairs damage and allows your skin to get back to its healthy self. Green Sea Mud has high mineral concentration, that also actively helps remove bacteria that might cause acne, breakouts, allergies and sensitivity. This is a MUST HAVE for all skin types.


Green Sea Mud + AHA 5% (Glycolic Acid) + Liquorice Extracts + Zinc Oxide + Kojic Acid + Ceramide + Beeswax + Castor Oil + Glycerin + Water


  1. PURIFIES SKIN: Through the course of the day, your skin encounters many pollutants, such as dirt, oil, dust, and many other impurities that can accumulate on your skin, ultimately leaving it to be rough and giving your pores a larger appearance. This is the primary reason why we recommend this face pack for you. It keeps your skin clean.
  2. BRIGHTENS COMPLEXION: Your skin may look dull because of clogged up pores that can hide the real look of your skin – which in itself is due to lack of skin maintenance and exfoliation. We found that using this face pack significantly help yours skin's health, leaving it looking bright and fresh.
  3. CONTROLS OILS: We all have struggled with oily skin at one point or another, and this face pack is the answer to your prayers. The detoxifying abilities of the ingredients in this formula such as Green Sea Mud and AHA, can help give your skin a matte texture, a dream come true for those with extremely oily skin.
  4. REDUCES DRYNESS: If you’ve ever experienced dry, scaly skin that may have an ashy appearance, then maybe your skin needs moisture. Lucky for you, this face pack can help with that, too.
  5. ANTI-ACNE FORMULA: Larger pores mean more accumulation of oil, which can, in turn, make an environment perfect for nurturing bacteria and eventually result in breakouts and skin that is more prone to acne. The use of this face pack can help avoid all this and make your skin less prone to acne.


To apply this face pack, first remove makeup if you’re wearing any, and wash your face. Next, use clean fingers or a mask brush to apply the pack to your face. Focus on the areas that are most in need of purification. Leave it on for not more than 15 minutes.

Rinse off the pack, and pat your skin dry.

To finish your routine, follow up with any serum, moisturizer, oil, or SPF (if it’s daytime).


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Auli Repair Face Pack - 100GM

MRP:Rs. 449
Sale Price: Rs. 336

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