The Skinterview

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A Masterclass By Experts    

Module I   

1. Why skin care? - Good skin care helps your skin stay in good condition; and here’s how you can enhance your routine.
2. How to identify skin type? - Every individual has a different skin type, hence it’s essential to know which product may or may not suit you.
3. Do’s and Don’ts. - All things skin care, are not good for you. So let’s discuss all the myths and facts of skin care.
4. How to layer? - Using a routine and confused about how to apply them, let’s figure out how to layer your products.
5. CTM - The essential regime you just follow to maintain good skin.
6. Basic skin care issues - Let’s talk about all things skin care and how they will resolve your problems.
7. Importance of sunscreen - _Why SPF is so important for healthy glowing skin, forever.
8. Skin care activities - Things you can do, for your skin to look and feel better._
9. What are the ingredients in your skin care? - Know your skin care in and out. Transparency is the key.

1. What food to consume, and those you need to avoid. - Dieting is never easy, eating healthy is not always feasible. Let’s learn more about good eating.
2. Healthy and delicious foods - Eating healthy as never been this easy and fun.

1. Makeup tutorials - Makeup is an art, let’s learn it together.
2. Makeup do’s & don’ts - How to best achieve those perfect makeup looks you have always wanted to try.

1. Work-life balance - Maintaining a busy life can be difficult. Here’s how you can learn from a celebrity, on how she balances her days perfectly.
2. Fitness & maintenance - How to stay fit and healthy, post motherhood.