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INGREDIENTS: Turmeric + Beeswax + Walnut Extracts + Chandan Oil + Herbal Extracts 

DESCRIPTION: By design, this miraculous cream is made to moisturise your skin. It immediately boosts the hydration and nourishment of your skin cells. Those with particularly dry, itchy skin will benefit the most using it daily to improve the texture and appearance of their complexion. Skin defence has the ability to help restore the skin’s effectiveness as a natural barrier to the environment, something that is lost when your skin is too dry. 

DIRECTION OF USE: Apply onto clean dry skin; as a moisturiser. It is lightweight and non-greasy.



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  • Is this cream is suitable for 17 year boy?it can b use by anyone?

    Yes, this cream is suitable for a 17 year old boy; and can be used by anyone.

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