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A Makeup Masterclass with Aishwarya Biswas, an internationally certified skin and hair care expert with an additional degree in image consultancy. She is the Founder of AULI.

Founder BIO:

Aishwarya Biswas - ‘Auli Lifestyle’ has been conceptualised and created by the effervescent Aishwarya Biswas. Her passion for wellness essentials, pamper packages and in fact every single product is an echo of not just her heart and soul but also of her expertise and experience. A well known face today, in the beauty and fashion products’ industry, Aishwarya wears a humble feather on her cap as the winner of Lakme Sananda Tilottama in 2001. She then went on to complete her graduation from NYU, with no less than a double major. She capped off her academic achievements with a post-grad MBA from one of the most premier globally-ranked business schools alongside a short stint at the London School of Economics. Aishwarya is also a trained image consultant from the iconic ‘Fashion Institute of Technology’, New York and has left a significant global footprint, having lived in 5 countries and having worked at senior management levels for over a decade for top corporate houses. She brings her formidable corporate and world experience to her unique line of branded, organic products. Infused with her unadulterated sense of joie-de-vivre, ‘Auli Lifestyle’ products are a lush and tempting testament of her passion and knowledge. Recently she has completed her Summer Session on Dermatology.

Only at 35, she has also been a part of the first ever All Women Entrepreneurs Delegation to the United States of America with the Indo American Chamber of Commerce and attended the Select USA Summit meetings with Senators, Ambassadors, CEOs and the likes. She has received many awards and accolades for achieving such tremendous momentum in a short span of a year taking Auli to various countries and setting distribution units in 4 Indian cities so far. She has spoken at Summits by various mentoring and entrepreneurship platforms like Entrepreneur India, ICC and CII being a few. She has also been written in the likes of Entrepreneur India, Harper’s Bazaar, India Today and The Telegraph to name a few.

A note on AULI

Auli is a trending Bath & Beauty brand from Kolkata, India but with a GLOBAL Footprint. Auli has just completed three years in June and are a family of 50,000 happy customers in this short span of time. Auli has become a staple in many skincare regimes and rituals of the rich & famous and it has also become a handbag favourites among students & youngsters.

Company Bio:

Indulgent. Luxurious. Organic - ‘Auli Lifestyle’ isn’t just about products that pamper and prime you to look and feel your best, it is a lifestyle and wellness statement. Offering an exuberant range of fabulously lush natural products that are perfect for both gifting and self-indulgence, Auli Lifestyle has an offering for every budget, for every need or greed and promises to leave you utterly spoilt for choice!

‘Auli Lifestyle’ was conceptualised and created in June, 2017 by Aishwarya Biswas who quit her high-profile corporate career, to start her own enterprise. Auli started with 10 customers and now have over 50,000 customers worldwide, who depend solely on the Auli range of quality organic products for their skin care, hair care and overall wellness. Driven by passion for wellness essentials, Auli’s pamper packages andm in fact, every single product, is an echo of not only Aishwarya's heart, soul and core wellness beliefs but also of her expertise and experience. Infused with an unadulterated sense of joie-de-vivre, ‘Auli Lifestyle’ products are a lush and tempting testament of the sincerity and hard work the entire Auli team puts into its wide range of skin products and healthy living methods that will keep you glowing, feeling like a million bucks and diving back in for more! Affordable, unique, lush and Indian - wholesome goodness defined by just 4 letters – A.U.L.I.

AULI formulates their bath and beauty products from honey, beeswax and other top class natural, herbal and Ayurvedic ingredients sourced from quality organic producers from across the country. The team members travel and research extensively to create luxurious handmade products which are then amalgamated into natural and effective remedies for various serious skincare issues. AULI also specialises in corporate gift packages, and hampers for festive and other celebratory occasions like weddings and birthdays.

Recently, AULI has successfully launched an exclusive Consultancy Programme, where qualified team members interact with customers to provide holistic wellness makeovers as well as customised tips on skin care, hair care and wellness habits.

The AULI team is comprised of 80% women and each team member brings with them their own set of diversified knowledge and expertise. Auli has been recognised by big national media houses like Harper’s Bazaar, Entrepreneur India, India Today and Millenium Post with coverages on their achievements and Aishwarya has had the opportunity to be a key speaker at the prestigious Entrepreneur India Summit along with many other conferences. She has also received various awards as a dynamic and driven entrepreneur. AULI has been in the Top 10 startups from the East in national pitch competitions like ET Now and TieCon 2020. AULI has also received glowing reviews and fantastic coverage in newspapers like t2-The Telegraph, Ananda Bazaar Patrika, Ei Samay, Indulge, LBB, and other local dailies.

Proudly organic and devoted to holistic health and well-being, AULI is ready to change how the world looks at beauty and wellness!

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