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Take A Chill: Instant cooling face wash  

Ingredients: Neem + Eucalyptus + Aloe Vera Extracts + Essential Oils+ Ayurvedic Extracts 

Description: 'Take A Chill' is an instant cooling and refreshing face wash, that is extremely hydrating, purifying, and soothing. It removes tan, pollutants, and prevents breakouts. It also increases collagen and improves your skin tone. It is SOAP FREE!

Direction Of Use: Apply onto wet skin, lather it up and wash it off

Belle: Day Cream

Ingredients: Olive + Calendula + Beeswax + Herbal extracts + Essential Oils

Description: This day cream nourishes and improves the quality of your skin. Its ayurvedic herbs balances the natural oils in your skin, and prevents ageing. It feels light on your skin, but protects it fiercely.

Direction to Use: Apply on clean damp post cleansing. Use this once daily, for best results 

Hand Sanitizer

Ingredients: Alcohol (70%++) + Lemongrass Oil (0.5ML) + Pyethrum Extract (0.1ML) + Aloe Vera Extracts + Herbal Extracts

Description: Hand sanitizers are now a go to product for protection against the COVID-19 and many such toxic anti-bodies. It’s benefits are many, despite of it requiring less time as compared to washing your hands. It acts quickly to kill microorganisms, and are more easily accessible. It also actively reduces bacterial counts, and promotes microbial resistance.
Highly protective and rich in alcohol content, it is all the protection you need right now.

Direction of use: Apply onto your hands as often as possible, for maximum protection & cleanliness. Follow it up by a moisturiser to avoid dryness.

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