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Weight: 15g


INGREDIENTS: Olive + Calendula + Beeswax + Herbal extracts + Essential Oils

DESCRIPTION: This all-day leave-in mousse is your best friend for protecting your skin, while it also doubles up as a beauty booster. It not only protects your skin from the dust and pollution but also works like magic to tighten your skin. Also, controlling the oil balance, it gives you a perfect look even in the harsh weather conditions. This day cream nourishes and improves the quality of your skin. Its Ayurvedic herbs balances the natural oils in your skin. It feels light on your skin, but protects it fiercely!


  • Anti-oxidant: The olive and the calendula in the mousse helps in increasing the anti-oxidants build-up in the cells and reduces the toxins accumulating under your skin throughout the day.
  • Beauty booster: Some preliminary studies show that the linoleic acid in calendula oil may also help reduce photo-aging from the sun. Hence this day cream is brightening and regenerating. Calendula is an all-natural skin brightener effective at reducing the appearance of scars as well.
  • Protects your skin moisture: This mousse also contains natural beeswax which protects the moisture in your skin, which you usually loose during the exposure to harsh sunlight, dust, and pollution every day. This also protects your skin from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Lightweight and non-greasy: And the best part of the product is that it is non-greasy and lightweight, as compared to the rest of the creams available.
  • Pure and chemical-free: It is purely Ayurvedic and organic with zero synthetics, no parabens, sulfates or harsh chemicals.
  • Herbal treat to skin: This lightweight mousse protects the skin and protects it from the harsh weather conditions and is enriched with the goodness of Olive, Calendula, Beeswax, and many more essential oils.

DIRECTION OF USE: Apply during the day time, to protect your epidermis while it interacts with the sun and pollution.



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