Auli is getting very famous. Aishwarya is a very humble person; she answers all the questions we ask and they suggest the best to the customers. Some stuff are really amazing. Magic potion my favourite.



Products from Auli are not just an ordinary thing to show, it's a story to tell people close to your heart.



Auli is very reliable and it suits your skin so well.

1. Even if you have sensitive skin you will never feel any irritation, in fact it will help in nourishing it more beautifully.

2. It was my saviour when I was suffering from severe acne. Cant thank it enough for that.

3. I used to avoid aloe vera gel thinking I am allergic to it. But Magic potion proved me wrong. And now aloe vera has become my favourite and I love it on my skin and in my hair care products.

4. Auli never disappoints me. Each and every product I have used suits me very well. I can trust Aishwarya Di, with my eyes closed. When she says a product is amazing, it will be amazing.

5.The best and most beautiful packaging I have ever seen. All the products are named and packed very well.

6.I can refer these products to others with confidence.

7. Lastly the Boss lady is the sweetest and most genuine person! I have never seen her bad mouthing to anyone or fighting with coustomers! She has always been very helpful. Love u Aishwarya Di and Leah is a sweetheart.

I am really very happy and proud to be the part of this Auli journey! Way to go Team Auli..



I used their product and can vouch for the authenticity. Its natural and it will make your skin glow like no other. Trust me on this!



I love magic potion blindly. I am very picky about my skincare products, but I can blindly trust Auli products. The scrubs, soaps, gels and toner, give my skin the needed freshness and glow. Can’t thank Aishwarya enough for gifting us Auli. The products basically won't harm the skin even if you go the trial and error process.



Auli products are awesome. They worked for my skin so well, even when many costly products failed to reduce my pimples and marks which concerned me a lot. AULI brought a glow to my skin; magic potion literally has magic in it, glow bug and squeaky clean compliments the magic potion. Love them so much. Moreover they answer all the questions asked. Awesome service as well.



I have been using the starter kit for 1.5 months now. Magic potion nd squeaky clean are two products I can't live without. I love them.

The products help in healing my skin problems, which results to me having  better skin, in the future. So yes, with a patience of 1.5 months, I got results, so I will surely trust this organic brand in the near future.



Firstly, I wanna say that my day starts and ends with Auli. I am in love with each and every product of this brand. Starting from the honey to the soaps,  scrubs, face creams, oils. Everything smells heavenly and works wonders for me. I wanna own each and every Auli product, because once you experience the magic of Auli you can never go back to anything else. A big hug to the beautiful Aishwarya, for bringing pure and organic, chemical free, cruelty free, sulphate free products, to us at such an affordable price. She is no less than an angel for all us Auli-ans..(that's the short form of what I'd like to call the whole Auli community).



Auli products are very good. It works wonders on our skin. Makes our skin look more beautiful. All credit goes to Auli, and yes that body oil is awesome. Thank you Auli...



I have used lots of products for my skin, but was never happy with any. But after using Auli, my skin has become so soft and it glows. I am so happy with it. Awesome products, amazing results. I am extremely satisfied! Infact I can write an essay on how amazing Auli is.



AULI is the best skin care regime dat has happend to me! Am in love with all the products that I have been using for some time now. Infact I was surprised to see the miraculous effect on my mom's skin who is 53+. Indeed, love and authenticity is the two most important ingredient that Aishwarya uses in her beautiful creations! Keep making us beautiful inside and out!



I love Auli, there are sooo many reason to fall in love with Auli.. 😍