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MAGIC POTION (75 Grams) + AS GOOD AS NEW (75 Grams) + SQUEAKY CLEAN (75 Grams) + GLOW BUG (100 Grams) + DEW 


1. ‘Glow Bug’ comes first in this ritual. It is the ultimate cleanser; use it and your skin will feel absolutely oil and dirt free.


2. ‘Squeaky Clean’ is an exfoliant which helps remove dead cells, tan, dirt, oil and grease. It leaves your skin glowing beyond belief.


3. ‘Magic Potion’ is an all purpose aloe vera massage gel. It works wonders on extreme oiliness, pigmentation, tan, sunburns, acne, acne scars. It can also be applied as a primer/base for make up, sunscreen and other such skin products. It is absolutely non-sticky and non-greasy, unlike any other aloe vera gel.


4. ‘As Good As New’ is an all rounder night cream, and it works like magic on your skin. Anti-ageing, prevention of dark circles, increasing skin elasticity, nourishment, intense protection, anti-blemish, anti-pigmentation...you name it; this cream has a solution for all your skin problems! It makes your skin feel ‘as good as new’.


5. ‘Dew’ is a light weight mist cum toner. It helps hydrate the skin cells, cleans out pores and is a great refreshing tool. It must be used as a base for creams, sunscreens, face masks or even to tone your face before you apply make up. 


This ritual must be followed religiously, in the given order; and your skin will feel different from the very first try!

It was specially created for all skin types!


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