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The struggles of oily skin is very real in the humid weather. This regime finds the balance between nourishing the skin and keeping the pores unclogged while also controlling the excess sebum production to give you a fresh look all day long. It provides a mattifying effect that tightens your skin and minimises the pores to give you a smoother skin.

TAKE A CHILL: SOAP FREE CLEANSING FACE WASH- This product is an instant cooling and refreshing face wash. It effectively hydrates, purifies, and soothes skin to prevent breakouts.

DEW: ROSE WATER TONER & MIST- This product is made from handpicked rose petals, a staple ingredient in skincare since the beginning of time. It controls excess oil, maintains the skin’s pH balance, cleanses the pores and tones the skin.

MAGIC POTION: MATTIFYING MASSAGE GEL- This is an all-rounder massage gel moisturizer that is effective on open pores, excessive oiliness, rashes, allergies, pigmentation, acne and acne scars, rosacea, skin infections, dark spots, and sunburns.

HELLO HYDRATION: MOISTURE BOOST GEL CREAM- This lightweight intense hydrating gel cream is perfect for keeping your skin sweat-free and hydrated. It provides the necessary nutrients to your skin without making it feel oily or sticky.


    • Purifies Skin- It detoxifies skin by removing tan, pollutants, and preventing breakouts. It boosts collagen, makes the skin supple and improves your skin tone.
    • Balances Skin- The skin smoothening effect of this regime is effective. It nourishes the skin and maintains the oil and pH balance of the skin to prevent acne and pimples. It gives you a smooth texture and even toned skin.
    • Skin Protection- This regime helps to protect skin from tanning and sun burn. It prevents hyperpigmentation, dark spots and evens out skin tone. The anti-bacterial properties prevent in this regime prevents acne, reduces rashes, allergies and minimises the appearance of pores to smoothen the skin.
    • Controls Oil- This regime ****hydrates and refreshes the skin without leaving a film of residue on it. It has a visible plumping effect on the appearance of the skin which makes it look more energized, youthful, and less prone to aging.

Direction of Use:

Step 1: Take A Chill- Take 3-4 drops of this product on your fingertips. Massage it on your face and neck towards an outward direction.

Step 2: Dew- Spray this product onto the skin and gently pat it into the pores.

Step 3: Magic Potion- Apply the product onto clean dry skin as a massage gel after the serum.

Step 4: Hello Hydration- Dot your face and neck with this product and gently massage in an outward direction.

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