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    The dryness of your skin is the root cause of most of the skin concerns you are facing. The dryness is caused by the dehydration of the skin cells which makes the skin look flaky and make your make-up appear rough. Use this customised regime to treat your dry skin and nourish it without clogging the pores of the skin.

    FRUITY FRESH: INSTANT CLEANSING FACE WASH- This product helps reduce skin from drying up and getting dull. The rich antioxidants help control free radicals, which causes damage to your skin.

    DEW: ROSE WATER TONER & MIST- This product is made from handpicked rose petals, a staple ingredient in skincare since the beginning of time. It controls excess oil, maintains the skin’s pH balance, cleanses the pores and tones the skin.

    PLUMPKIN: SKIN PLUMPING CREAM- This product has been created for all skin types and offers numerous benefits for your skin. It hydrates and refreshes your skin cells, without clogging your pores.

    OMG!: 24K GOLD SKIN TRANSFORMING SERUM- This stimulate the regeneration of skin cells which increases blood circulation and the metabolism of skin cells resulting in healthier skin. Gold Flakes present in it enhances your complexion to keep your skin glowing and refreshed.


      • Hydration- This regime provides you with the much needed hydration without leaving residuals on your skin. It treats the damaged and dry skin areas effectively by reviving it.
      • Smoothening- The skin smoothening effect of this regime is unparalleled. It nourishes the skin to get rid of the flaking and cracked skin. It gives you a smooth texture and even toned skin.
      • Intense Nourishment- This regime has a visible plumping effect on your skin which makes you look more fresh, youthful and less prone to dullness. It enhances your glow by nourishing the layers of skin and provides lasting radiance from within.
      • Protection- As the layers of the skin absorbs the goodness of this regime, it strengthens the outer barrier of the skin and prevents skin damage. It stimulates the blood circulation and treats scars, marks and spots effectively.

    Direction of Use:

    Step 1: Fruity Fresh- Take a few drops of this cleanser and apply on your skin in a circular motion and then wash it off.

    Step 2: Dew- Spray this product onto the skin and gently pat it into the pores.

    Step 3: Plumpkin- Dot your face and neck with this mousse and gently massage in an outward direction.

    Step 4: OMG!- Take 3-4 drops of this product on your fingertips. Massage it on your face and neck towards an outward direction. Apply at night after your serum and hydrator.

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